• Background

    Wish have 20 years experience in property development and are a trusted, reliable and thorough organisation.

    We focus on creating timeless homes which our customers simply love to live in.

    Our professional approach and commitment to quality is evident in every home we build.

    We work with the best people in our industry to ensure we do everything right and never compromise in our quest to deliver excellence.

  • Vision

    Location is always a crucial consideration in any property development and we seek to secure the best sites in the most popular residential areas or up and coming locations.

    The challenge is then to create the optimal architectural layout for each site, combined with the very best in interior and exterior design. Taking this approach, allows us to not only meet our customers needs but results in us exceeding their expectations.

  • Approach

    Everything we build is of the highest quality, from construction materials to fixtures and fittings. We use our expertise to create beautiful buildings, clever landscaping and internal spaces which are easy to live in.

    Our craftsmen are detailed and we pride ourselves on unique touches that differentiate our homes, yet make them universally appealing.